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This page is about the weapon from Fear & Hunger. For the weapon of the same name from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see Sergal spear (F&H2).

The Sergal spear is a weapon in Fear & Hunger. It is an ornated weapon, mostly used by the warrior tribes originating from the northern Vinland.


It can be found in the chasm in the Ancient city, in the back alley area. To open it, you need to offer four limbs to the altar slab that is next to the room containing the weapon. You can either offer your own arms, your party members' arms, or arms dropped by Guards. It is recommended you offer the arms of disposable party members like the Ghoul, the Skeleton, and the Demon Kid you can get in the game. Alternatively, you can cut off your arms before creating a Marriage because they will regenerate after making love.





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