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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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This page contains the difficulties in Fear & Hunger. For the difficulties in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see Difficulty Settings F&H2.

There are four difficulty options currently available in the game. "Fear & Hunger" is the intended experience, while the other two offer additional challenges for those that have mastered the game. There is also a fourth mode, called "Dungeon Nights", which is more of an easter egg than a proper difficulty setting.

Some content is exclusive to difficulties, as noted below.

The default experience.

  • Reduced escape chances.
  • Rotten food replaces some drops.
  • Darkness blocks much more of the player's vision.
  • Jaggedjaw enemies can follow the player inside the dungeon unless the side passage is taken.
  • Enemies deal more damage and have more health.
  • Failing the coin flip on specific bookshelves will result in a rat event, which will infect the player.
  • The other starting characters may succumb to the dungeon if not recruited.
  • New events where the player can be ambushed in a number of ways.
  • Walking by a huge hole inside one of the buildings in Ma'habre while the girl is in the party will cause an enemy to grab her; however, she can still be found in another part of the city and the player will be able to rescue her.
  • A few exclusive enemies:

Unlocked by beating the game once.

The mode is available from the start, but requires a special pre-requisite to be unlocked.

Finishing the game should give you the passwords to unlock this mode, one of them must be entered in the character selection screen, they are "Schoolkid" , "Schoolboy" or "Schoolgirl"

See Dungeon Nights for more information.

In-game Footage

Video showcase of some differences