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Despite the "rogue-like" style the game follows, Fear & Hunger series does offer the player several opportunities to save the game. These opportunities present themselves at specific game locations and through the use of items.

Save locations in Fear & Hunger

Most of the beds found throughout the game can be used to save. However, many of them are unsafe, and will force the player to flip a coin when attempting to use them. Failing the coin flip will result in a nearby enemy attacking the player (often a Guard or Elite guard), although any enemy around the area can attack you. If there are no remaining enemies in the area, the coin flip toss will still initiate, but no enemy will actually appear and confront you with the exception of the Crow Mauler appearing in the Lv 3 Basement if not dealt with.

You can effectively save viably if you kill every enemy in the area and coin flip the save attempt, if you fail, you can always leave and re-enter the room to try to save again.

There are two known "safe" save locations in the game, which will not result in them being attacked by either using once or by eliminating the threat in the area: Level 3 Basement and the Tower of Endless.

Level 3 Basement: The first "safe" save point is near the beginning of the game, reachable by taking the left entrance at the very start of the game and following the path through to the Lv 3 Basement map. In the top left corner of the map (avoiding the Iron Shakespeare) there is a room with a bed and bonfire (unlit) and statue of a woman's torso with a crow. Here the player can rest and save, but upon saving the game requests a Coin-Flip. If won, the player will rest and is presented with the opportunity to save the game. However if the Coin-Flip is failed, the player is ambushed by the Crow Mauler, likely ending the player's run. If however the player is able to defeat the Crow Mauler, the bed becomes available for indefinite use.

The Tower of Endless: Near the end of the game, a bed can be found atop of the Tower of Endless in Ma'habre. The save point is another bedroom, existing in both the past and present versions of the city. Using the bed in the past version of the city will also transport the player in the Dream Rondon.

There are other potential "safe" save locations in the game, although is still not guaranteed after eliminating the threat from the area.

Buckman's Cell: After defeating Trortur, the bed in Buckman's cell can have a chance to be fully safe on the use. If the player saves while Buckman is still present in the cell he will make mention of the fact, saying he doesn't understand how the player can sleep so soundly. Note that if the player decides to use the bed before killing the torturer, he will appear and torture the player, via dismemberment, ultimately resulting in a game over. Players should be still aware that there is still a chance to occur another coin flip check even after defeating Trortur, failing the check will summon the Elite guard instead and be forced to fight them. If the Elite guard is already eliminated, then failing the coin flip will cause the player's rest be interrupted and temporary won't use the bed due to the adrenaline from the strong sensation of "killing intent".

Prison Cell: There are at least three beds in the prison cell, usually two at the bottom of the map and one around the top. Failing the toss will summon the strongest enemy, typically the Elite guard if he's in the prison.

Interior of Ma'habre: WIP

Hidden Entrance Room: In each dungeon configuration, there will be a location with rubble that the player can use an explosion vial on. By doing this, the player will be able to access a hidden room that will have a bed in it. Sleeping on it will trigger a coin flip.

Save locations in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

In Prehevil, beds are drastically different, whilst still remaining the central way in which to save your progress. Sleeping in any bed will progress the allotted three-day time that the player is granted in the game. Many events are time-sensitive, and thus, it can often be a good idea to avoid sleeping to avoid missing out on certain events. However, sleeping anywhere allows the player to access the Hexen, through which the player can use soul stones to learn new skills, meaning there is both risk and reward in sleeping.

Train: The couch near the exit of the train which the player starts in can be slept in after having exited the train for the first time, making it the first possible location to save in. It is the same couch in which the player can find the Combat manual.

Abandoned House: On the second floor of the abandoned house there is a large bed which the player can sleep in safely, so long as they have dealt with the Woodsman outside.

Mayor's Manor: On the second floor of the Mayor's manor, behind a locked door, there is a bed that can be slept in safely, so long as the Decrepit Priest in the room nearby has been dealt with. If not, he will initiate combat with the player before they are able to fall asleep. If playing as Marina, sleeping in the Mayor's bed at morning on Day 1 will initiate a unique cutscene, in which Samarie will watch over her while she sleeps while playing as Marcoh or Abella instead, it will initiate another unique cutscene in which they will be attacked by Caligura.

Old House: On the ground floor, to the far left, there is a bed which can be slept in safely, so long as the basement has been cleared of enemies.

Book Store: Ascending the closed-off stairway in the Bookstore, behind a locked door, there is a bed which can be safely slept in. If playing as Marina, sleeping in this bed will initiate a unique cutscene, in which Samarie will watch over her while she sleeps.

PRHVL Bop: In the basement of PRHVL Bop, in the speakeasy, the player can access several bunk-beds which can be slept in safely.

Orphanage: On the ground floor of the Orphanage, in the far north section of the floor, the player can find a bedroom full of beds in which the player can sleep safely, so long as the surrounding area is clear of enemies.

White Mold Apartments: Several beds can be found throughout the White mold apartments, though it is not recommended to sleep in them.

Saving with items

For players who are lucky enough to find the Book of enlightenment, there is the option to save at will simply by reading the book (marked in yellow in the book sub-menu). However, it must be noted that the book is one-use-only, and will be consumed after reading. Saving using a Book of enlightenment can be an effective way to avoid passing time in Fear and Hunger: Termina.

(Fear and Hunger) Two Books of Enlightenment are guaranteed to spawn. One is found by the ritual circle on Level 7 of the dungeons, while the other is found in the Hall of the Gods if the player has selected normal mode (Fear & Hunger) at the start of the game.

(Fear and Hunger: Termina) While not guaranteed loot anywhere in the game, they can be purchased from Pocketcat in exchange for three contestant heads. Otherwise, they have a chance to be found in any bookshelf.

(Fear and Hunger) Aside from the one location and looting one by chance, the only other way to acquire a Book of Enlightenment is through using an Empty Scroll. The Empty Scroll is an uncommon item found by chance though out the game. If the player also possess the Ink and Quill, it is possible to write on the empty scroll and obtain any item or spell in the game by writing the correct words.

In order to obtain a Book of Enlightenment through the use of the Empty Scroll, and Ink and Quill, the player must write the following:

  • O LORD
  • GIVE

Books of Enlightenment are not available in Hard Mode.

Saving with ritual circles (F&H2)

If the player has discovered and read a Skin Bible - God of Fear and Hunger, they will be able to draw the corresponding sigil into Ritual Circles, specifically the Perfection circles, given that they possess a piece of chalk.

Saving through this method will not progress time, but can only be done once per circle (three times on easy mode).