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Engrave is a skill in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. An ability that grants permanent buffs to characters, it can be learned naturally by a player-controlled Marina or by other protagonists who acquire her Changeling soul.


Throughout history, the act of carving God sigils for the purpose of reaping benefits has been documented. This practice shifted from using body sigils to adopting facial sigils over time.

The art of engraving appears to be a practice closely associated with the Dark Priests. Apart from Marina, an occultist linked to their ranks who possesses this skill, Father Hugo and the Decrepit Priests are also observed sporting engraved sigils on their hands during combat.


A player-controlled Marina can learn the skill by using a Soul stone at the Hexen or through certain choices during the Character History intro. Other player characters can learn it after killing Marina (or her moonscorched form, Cocoon) and collecting her Changeling soul, which unlocks her own skill tree at the Hexen. Marina as a recruitable party member will also start with this skill learned. Engrave does not require the player to learn other skills beforehand, as it is a first-tier skill of the Changeling soul skill tree.

Engrave can only be learned at the Hexen by the protagonist of a particular playthrough - it cannot be imparted to companions.


Engrave can be accessed outside of combat through the character's skills menu. When activated, it unveils an interface displaying the sigils of Old and Ascended Gods whose Skin Bibles are on the player's possession. Gods whose Skin Bibles have not been found are unselectable.

The skill allows the player to permanently buff all playable/recruitable characters with special effects:

  • Gro-goroth's sigil grants +4 Attack.
  • Sylvian's sigil grants +3 M.Defense and Otherworldly 70%.
  • Alll-mer's sigil grants +3 Defense and Physical damage 85%.
  • Rher's sigil grants +25 max Mind.
  • Vinushka's sigil grants +4 M.Attack.
  • The God of Fear and Hunger's sigil grants +5 Agility.

Engrave can only be used once on each character. In addition to its gameplay impact, it brings about cosmetic alterations, replacing the character's standard menu portrait with one featuring the chosen God's sigil etched onto their face.