Skin Bible - Gro-goroth

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Skin Bible - Gro-goroth is an occult book in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

It teaches how to draw the Gro-goroth sigil.


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.
  • Can be bought for 3 contestant heads from Pocketcat.
  • Marina may choose to start with it at the beginning of the game.
  • O'saa may find it during the introductory text adventure.


  • Author: Enki Ankarian
  • Description: A strong occult book written in the medieval times by Enki Ankarian. The chapter explains the older god Gro-goroth.

Gro-goroth - The destroyer of men. He who ushers a new dawn with force and violence. Gro-goroth is the other part of the most primal duality. Creation and destruction. Where the other doesn't exist without the other. The word 'destruction is often associated with the evil of the world. This of course is foolishness. There is no room for new creation if the slate is not first burnt clean and empty. A man fears destruction. Man gets accustomed to peace and quiet. Man grows fat and afraid of change. Change is inevitable, just as Gro-goroth. What one needs to understand is that the destruction is of pure kind. It does not target one man specifically. It just exists. Gro-goroth is associated with the god of creation, Sylvian and their child, the god of nature, Vinushka.

Gro-goroth offers the mankind the blessing of blood magick. Constant sacrifices in his name will maintain the relationship.

The Mark of Gro-goroth raises the physical strength of its wearer. The text includes the sigil of Gro-goroth and instructions on how to use it."