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The Book of enlightenment is an item found in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Its sprite is different than the other books in the games, featuring a bright yellow coloration, signifying its special nature.


  • Can either be found as a random drop from the various bookshelves present in both games.
  • In Fear & Hunger, there are two hard-coded locations where the book can be found - the sigil room in the catacombs (near where Le'garde can be found), and the room that leads to the Hall of the Gods in Ma'habre. It is also one of the items offered by Pocketcat in exchange for trading in a human child. The book is not available in hard mode.
  • In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Pocketcat will once again sell the book, this time for three contestant heads.


The main function of the book is to save the game immediately, allowing the player to start off from wherever the book was read. This makes it extremely useful, as save points are scarce in both games, and saving through more common means often has consequences. It is also perfect for exploring the game's lore and various enemy behaviors by saving right before a critical encounter or segment, allowing the player to try out various things without the fear of losing all their progress.

It is only a single-use item and will disappear immediately after being read, regardless of whether the player saves or not, so the player should use it wisely.


  • Description: A mysterious ancient book radiating warm light. It's said to be written by the monks beyond the Eastern Sanctuaries.

The book radiates light in every color of the spectrum.

You feel like your journey has just began. As if your existence since this very moment has been like watching someone else entirely.

You feel a perspective shift in your surroundings. As if everything was to shrink, or perhaps you were to ascend higher.

You gain better understanding of yourself. The link between your mind and body has started it's deterioration.

(Save screen shows up)

You feel closer to enlightenment.

As you finish reading the book, it crumbles into dust before your very eyes.