Skin Bible - Alll-mer

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Skin Bible - Alll-mer is an occult book in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

It teaches how to draw the Alll-mer sigil.


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.
  • Can be bought for 3 contestant heads from Pocketcat.


  • Author: Enki Ankarian
  • Description: A strong occult book written in the medieval times by Enki Ankarian. The chapter explains the older god Alll-mer.

Alll-mer - The ascended one. One of the two humanborn gods to this day. There are two stories of the origins of Alll-mer.

The more common story speaks of a human born from a virgin mother.

A mere mortal that had humble origins, but one that quickly rose to prominence because of his teachings. Unlike the warring kings and sultans of the time, Alll-mer's ideal world united people of all different religions and ideologies under one umbrella. The powers of the time wouldn't stand up for this and quickly had him arrested and sentenced for public humiliation and eventual death on a cross. This only served Alll-mer's purpose, making him a martyr and the pain he went through pushed him over the edge to his ascension to the true godhood. After his ascension, Alll-mer returned to avenge his death. The bloodbath that ensued shook the world order and demolished the worship New Gods of the time had been enjoying.

The other version of Alll-mer's origins tells how Sylvian, the older god of fertility ordered a deity known as Vitruvia to create an architectural reprography of a man and a woman that would be the likeness of Sylvian herself.

Vitruvia, being the master architect, did just that. Sylvian fell in love with the results. She went on and created mankind according to Vitruvia's drawings. At first Vitruvia was amazed by the life Sylvian managed to usher into her designs. However, over time Vitruvia started to see small imperfections here and there. Nothing bothered her more than the idea that her designs were anything but perfect. So she set out to create the perfect human being. The pinnacle of man's potential. This being was born on the year nil and he is the one known as Alll-mer today.

On the surface level these stories don't contradict with themselves too much. But on an ideological level there are interesting differences. The other story tells how a mortal everyday man rose to rival the powers of older gods, while the other story makes Alll-mer just one more creation of the higher powers.

The truth might lie somewhere between these stories if you'd ask me.

The Mark of Alll-mer raises the physical protection of its wielder. The text includes the sigil of Alll-mer and instructions on how to use it.