Skin Bible - Rher

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Skin Bible - Rher is an occult book in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

It teaches how to draw the Rher sigil.


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.
  • Can be bought for 3 contestant heads from Pocketcat.
  • Marina may choose to start with it at the beginning of the game.
  • O'saa may find it during the introductory text adventure.


  • Author: Enki Ankarian
  • Description: A strong occult book written in the medieval times by Enki Ankarian. The chapter explains the older god Rher.

Very much like the sun - the moon is one of the primordial entities and thus it has lore and beliefs written since the dawn of time. This makes it difficult to separate facts from fiction and mad ramblings from hidden truths. Consistent details among the myriad of stories seem to hint of a god called Rher.

Also knowns as the Trickster God and the Moon God. In the most ancient writings Rher is depicted as the god of the insane and those who've succumbed to madness. His blessing to men is his moonlight, which is said to uncover the truth under the human filth. A truth that is often too much for a human mind to handle. It can be debated whether his version of the truth is more accurate than that of the human filth. Unlike many of the other older gods, Rher's part is greater scheme of things remains a mystery. Just looking at the night sky, you can see his presence, in an eternal slumber. This makes his secrecy even more infuriating, he is literally hiding in plain sight.

The Mark of Rher raises the maximum capacity of the mind. The text includes the sigil of Rher and instructions on how to use it."