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This page contains the endings in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the endings in Fear & Hunger, see Endings F&H1.

Currently, there are 3 endings results from the game Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Ending B has an extra scene, showing epilogues for whichever playable character the ending was achieved with.

Ending A

"The Machine God"

Obtained by activating all three Telelectroscopes to grant access to the White Bunker, then traversing to its depths.

At the end, a gauntlet awaits you. First, the party must face off against a Sylvian Trooper commanding a Platoon.

Platoon overworld2.png

After slaying the beast, and continuing onwards, the screen fades to black, and the message "Darkness surrounds you from all directions........." appears. You are then transported to the hall of gods. Overlaid text saying "Finally... the climax..." appears, before the screen crackles to static.

You appear in a black void of a room. The only things that are visible are a door, a table, and a chair in which the Kaiser sits. Approaching him will initiate a dialogue that always leads to a fight. If it is day 1, and you are not playing as O'saa, then August will appear and fire a barrage of arrows at Kaiser. Wordlessly, Kaiser will retaliate, instantly killing August, before he turns back to you for the oncoming duel.

Upon defeating Kaiser, he will melt into nothingness. The party proceeds through the door, where lies Logic.


After defeating Logic, the shell of the machine opens to reveal a brilliant green hue. A cutscene commences, in which the visage of the Machine God says "The conscience of consensus..." "Just an avatar for the stream of thought." "Join me, in the promised land...".

If playing as Olivia, the dialogue will be different, and the Machine God will instead say "Olivia..." "Join me..." "I found the way for us to always be together."

Machine god.png

Next, the player character falls through a sparkly screen of green, titled the Artificial Green. After this, you regain control of your character, but in the form of shimmering green particles, and only the ability to move up and down. The following messages appear: "Warmth surrounds your body..." "It feels like you're floating in nothingness..." "Empathy and hope fill you from inside out..." "You've gone through enough, now you can rest..." "Just close your eyes, and let the warm waves wash you away..."

As you reach the top of the screen, the image of countless humans stacked atop one another appears before you, with the game fading to black shortly after.

Ending A logic.png

Meanwhile, the remaining non-mutated contestants that managed to survive in the festival will return to the train in safety, except the protagonist and their own party as it is implied that they were absorbed into the collective consciousness of the Machine God.

Ending B

Everyone's spot for the train back. Note that it is currently not possible to have all 14 survive.

"Day 4"

This ending result can be achieved by getting into the Hollow Tower after all the other 13 contestants have been eliminated and refusing the sacrificial deal from Per'kele, causing the player to survive to the next day as the sole survivor and escape the grasps from the traces of Rher, despite being tainted by the moonlight. The survivor will continue their own life and the game will show pictures of their fate for each playable character in an epilogue.

Note: if the player enters the tower before Day 3, the boss fight with Rher will not occur.


Ending mechanic.png
Ending Text:

You couldn't sleep after what you had witnessed in Prehevil. You knew too much about the universe and what horrors it hid in the darkness of the night.

The endless void above in the sky taunted you. It laughed at you. You had finally realized how miniscule humans truly were in the grand scheme of things.

Your insomnia almost drew you insane. But you had always been one to look for answers and solutions. Surely there was an answer to be found here too.

The moon had paid you a visit and gazed at you for a brief second. To ask for answers, you'd need pay the Moon God a visit too.

You took high positions in fields that studied space technology. Over the years, things started to advance and only after a decade you were already getting ready to launch people to the moon.

You'd get an audience with the moon soon. Not with ancient rituals or occult, but thanks to technology and human wit.

Whether it was a good idea remains to be seen...

Abella was haunted by the knowledge she acquired, but still sought answers. She took positions that studied space technology and in a decade, Abella was ready to launch herself to the moon. She would get that audience with the moon, soon, through technology and human wit.


Ending doctor.png
Ending Text:

Well that solved nothing. All this and you were still none the wiser.

Mystic deities, unknown gods, unholy rituals... Nuggets of information... Were the answers buried somewhere amongst all this madness?

Would the answers even matter anymore? If the baron von Dutch had dirtied his hands with blood, then you had reveled in bloodbath in comparison to get where you are now.

You hear the heavy footsteps of that wicked cat. He knows what you've done. In Prehevil and before. The cat is circling around you in the darkness. Just beyond your line of sight.

Maybe you should just take his offer? What else do you got going for you?

Nothing. That's right.

It's peculiar, isn't it old sport? The life that is.

Daan never found out what happened to the love of his life and her family, leaving him depressed and hopeless. He then begins to contemplate whether he should take the offer with Pocketcat, now that he had no more reason to live.


Ending journalist.png
Ending Text:

The events of Prehevil shook you to the core. Suddenly many things in life felt meaningless against this overwhelming realization of what hides behind the veil between the known and the unknown.

As you returned back to civilization, you understood that your experiences would sound like ramblings of a mad man if you ever tried to put them down on paper.

You needed proof before you could open your mouth. You had witnessed the rumours about the New Gods and Kaiser in real life. You knew they were real.

This was half the job already. Now you only needed to convince the rest of the world of this forbidden information.

This goal helped you get by each day. You needed clear goals to block the dread out of your mind.

You started digging. Like you had always done. Sooner or later you would get to the root of things. It remains to be seen whether your sanity will withstand the truth or not...

Karin survived the Festival and came out with new knowledge of the dark hidden away from civilization. She resolved to expose it, so she started digging, with intent on getting to the root of the truth. It remains to be seen whether her sanity will withstand the truth or not...


Ending exsoldier.png
Ending Text:

After the events that transpired in your home town, there was no looking back anymore.

It was for the better. You were forced to cut all your ties to the past. It was liberating. You were finally free.

...Or that's how it felt for the first few weeks at least. Slowly everything you had witnessed started to weigh on you.

To push back all the misery and horrors, you drifted from one place to another. Never growing roots to any specific place. Always on the run so you wouldn't have to confront the past...

You'd arrive to a new city, in a new country, do whatever work you got for a while until the events of Prehevil started to invade your nightmares once again.

That's when you knew it was time to go once again.

Maybe one day you'd get far enough so the past couldn't follow you anymore? Or maybe the past would finally catch up to you?

Levi left Prehevil after the Festival. He drifted from one country and city to another, always trying to escape his horrific past, and never staying sedentary. Can he truly escape the past or will it catch up to him eventually?


Ending occultist.png
Ending Text:

You didn't have any burden left from your old life. It was a bitter sweet feeling. Your ties to your family and past were severed thanks to the traumatic events that transpired in Prehevil.

The thought of returning to Vatican City to continue your studies didn't sound appealing. Not after everything you had seen. Some things were not meant for humans to meddle with.

As years went on, you drifted all the way to the country of Valland and found yourself settling down at the red lights district of the capital.

You had trouble fitting in with regular people who were unaware of the greater scheme of things, but from the people that inhabited the red lights district you found kindred spirits.

Everyone carried baggage there and no one judged no one.

Occult skills helped you make friends easily and there were many ways you could make a living there with help of little magic.

Things were pretty nice actually. Now if you could only tell who this photobombing person was... She had been trying to make friends with you for the longest time... Pretty annoying.

Marina left Prehevil, her ties to it severed by the festival. She would settle down in Valland, in the red lights district of the capital. She would find kindred spirits there. She had a good life, using her occult skills for a living. Though a certain person was always following her...


Ending thug.png
Ending Text:

The city of Prehevil was meant to be just a stepping stone on your path to greener pastures. Instead it turned out to be a place that shaped the very person you ended up becoming.

Your sister was waiting for you in the Kingdom of Rondon, that was the plan. She welcomed you unknowing of the horrors you had witnessed on your way there.

You never spoke of your experiences, even if those events ate you up every night as you laid down to sleep.

People walked the streets of Rondon every day without knowing what was lurking in the shadows of every dark corner of the world.

It was better that way. It was better that they didn't know how helpless they truly were against the cosmic horrors out there. But you could help them prepare if they ever had to come face to face with anything of that nature.

You started running a boxing gym with your expertise. The attendees would step inside in hopes of learning how to defend against common street thugs, but they would step outside ready to face the unknown.

Saving people's lives like this even alleviated some of your inner guilt. You had taken lives of many, but maybe you could finally give something back as well.

Marcoh continued on his journey to the Kingdom of Rondon, eventually meeting his sister there. Marcoh never spoke about what happened to him in Prehevil. Instead, to alleviate his guilt, he ran a boxing gym and taught potential boxers on how to defend themselves and face the unknown.


Ending botanist.png
Ending Text:

Something good actually came from your traumatic experiences in Prehevil. It did take years of therapy to realize this, but slowly you understood what you were truly capable of.

You were the Champion of Termina. You. In your wheelchair and all. Somehow you were the sole survivor in what took place in that godforsaken backwaters town.

You also started to feel the spirit of your sister as years went on. She was accompanying you everywhere you went.

You never fully understood what happened to her, but she followed you every step of the way since you two left that wicked city.

You gained courage and confidence from that ordeal. With that newly found confidence you set out on the most remote locations in the world to study their flora and fauna.

You had learned that the nature took care of you no matter where you went. You didn't have limitations of human body anymore.

For the first time in your life, you felt true freedom.

Olivia was traumatized and empowered by the Festival, after years of therapy. She never knew what happened to her twin, Reila, but she did feel her presence following her. She went to the remote parts of the world, studying its flora and fauna. The nature took care of her. For the first time, she felt true freedom, no longer constrained by both her physical and mental traumas.


Ending yellow mage.png
Ending Text:

The cult of sulfur... the followers of Rher... the church of Alll-mer... Were they any different from yellow mages?

They all served someone else ultimately. Your master just happened to be a foul mouthed old raisin whom the time had forgotten.

You threw your master to the nearest lake. Maybe some poor bastard would find him there centuries later and be led like a fool on a leash to do their master's bidding. But that was not your part any longer.

You returned to Abyssonia, to your homeland.

The reason you had initially left the whole continent was because of the state of religion and worship there. The teachings of Alll-mer had taken over the old beliefs.

You had gathered enough knowledge and skills on your travels to rival what the local temples promoted.

These lands would follow your teachings in the future. Teachings that would benefit the ones practitioning your way. Not the ones in power, nor the establishment.

One could almost be fooled into thinking this was an altruistic act. Of course in a true yellow mage manner, you'd be the one on top of the pyramid this time around.

O'saa threw Nas'hrah's head into the nearest lake, tired of serving him. He returned to Abyssonia, with intent on ruling the land himself. He wanted to impose his own teachings, with himself at the top of it all and replace the existing Alll-mer religion and local temple beliefs.

Ending C

"The Sulfur God"


This ending result can be achieved by getting into the Hollow Tower before Day 3 after all the other 13 contestants have been eliminated and accepting the sacrificial deal from Per'kele, causing the two to duel and both die as a result. The player is then taken to the dark world of the Sulfur God and meets him. What happens after is unknown, but Per'kele mentioned that the player will have to suffer through the scorching sun burning the skin and the long tendrils of the cold freezing them from the inside out, and rise out of the dark sulfuric pits to become a true representative of the Cult of Sulfur.


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