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The Brain diagram document is an academic document found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.



  • Author: Operation Logic scientist
  • Description: A document about brain usage and technology.

The document page is one of many. You do not have the previous pages, so it's difficult to make out the full context of the document...

The modern science and medicine is still limited in this subject. There is a debate if science will ever be capable of calculating the necessary amounts of information. Human mind and soul after all are so complex that it is not quantifiable by any computer. Thus it might not be possible to replace the Logic even as the technology advances in coming decades.

Likewise, it is also impossible for human mind to calculate the mathematical formulas in a conscious state. That is why it's necessary for the subject to be in a lucid dreaming state at all times That is when both conscious and unconscious mind are activated. That is when the processing power of the human mind is at its fullest potential.

The subject will be hooked to the telectroscope. The engine and the subject form The Logic together. The electronic signals that occur in the subject's brain are converted to ones and zeros blurring the line between a human and a machine.