NLU Reconnaissance Report 2

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NLU Reconnaissance Report #2 is a document found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on Level 2 of Tunnel 1, in the room with the bench grinder.
  • Can be found on Level 3 of Tunnel 4.


  • Author: Unknown Bremen officer
  • Description: A brief report about NLU member Haas Reila Audrey. Distributed to all mid-level Bremen officers assigned to Bohemia.

NLU Reconnaissance Report #2

Quick bullet points on the Bohemian sect member, Haas Reila Audrey:

- Born January 1st, 1922 (Current Age 20)

- Hair: Medium height, dark brown

- Eyes: Blue

- 132 IQ

- Relatives: Twin-sister - Olivia Haas, father - Franz Haas, mother - Ema Haas

- Shown to possess exceptionally high empathic traits

- Highly knowledgeable in New Sciences

- Started studies of New Sciences in Bremen in 1937

- Worked under a special scholarship in "Operation ein Geist"

- First confirmed contact with NLU

- Got an international scholarship in 1939

- The studies continue abroad in the Eastern Union

- Recruited for "Operation Logic" in Bohemia

- Promoted to the position of head-engineer in the operation

- Confirmed contact with NLU

- NLU contact person captured and executed

- Reila Haas arrested for a treason against the Empire

- Held at the East-Bremen for interrogations

- Information about the 'Operation Logic' gathered

- Reila Haas reported missing in East-Bremen State Prison

- NLU suspected to have aided her escape

- Suspected to work with Bohemian sect of NLU

- Possesses potential danger for "Operation ein Geist"

- Marked as "a Person of Special Interest" by Kaiser”

- Wanted: Alive