Coded letter 1

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Coded letter #1 is a letter found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.



  • Author: NLU member known as "R"
  • Description: A letter with a coded message...

If read by Abella:

The letter is encrypted by someone from the Nameless Liberty Underground. It uses the same code language taught to you at the NLU headquarters. You take a closer look...

Eastern Union officials from both Voroniyan Republic as well as from Eastern Sanctuaries don't understand what they are giving up. I tried to emphasize the importance of the project Logic during my time with the research, yet they cannot see its true potential.

Eastern Union is willing to let go of Prehevil for a very cheap price. The leaked documents say the officials are stupid enough to think they even got a good deal out of it. They don't understand what they are handing over to Kaiser on a silver platter.

But Kaiser knows.

I first met him briefly during my scholarship at the compound all those years ago. It sounds like Kaiser knows perfectly well what the project has been building towards... in fact from the pieces I was able to gather, it sounds like he was one of the main forces kickstarting the project long before The Great War started and pitted Bremen and Eastern Union against each other.


If read by another character:

Looks like a coded letter... Or a child's prank. Unfortunately you do not have the means to descrypt this at the moment...