Path to River

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The Path to River is a location in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


The Path to River Can be reached by going east from Outskirts of Prehevil - Train.


  • Karin (Can be seen walking if the player followed her right after the intro)




Party Talk:
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • Daan: "I wish I had more knowledge on herbs and other plants..."
    • Daan: "Even just the basics would come to good use here..."
      • If Olivia is in the party:
        • Olivia: "Yup, herbs are amazing."
        • Olivia: "You're lucky you got me! I can teach you!"
        • Daan: "Uh-huh. Let's put that mind of yours to good use."
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "This path curves towards the town, right? I think this is the path!"
    • If the player has been in Prehevil:
      • Abella: "Let's keep quiet. We're pretty close to the town."
      • Abella: "We don't want to alarm the villagers and the townsfolk..."
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • O'saa: "A heavy mist just continues to gather... It's often a sign that there are otherwordly powers at play..."
      • If Daan is in the party:
        • Daan: "Why's that? What does mist have to do with it?"
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "When the reality or a plane of existence flickers, the air tends to gather more humidity. I don't know why that is and frankly I do not care either. It is just mist after all."
        • Daan: "Fair enough."
      • If Karin is in the party:
        • Karin: "Enough with the hocus pocus. No one cares."
        • O'saa: "Maybe you should care."
        • Karin: "..."
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: "I think we should find some red herbs here. The soil feels moist enough for them."
    • Olivia: "Red herbs aren't that useful on their own, but combine them with other herbs and you can have some potent mixes!"
    • Olivia: "For example, red and blue herbs together produce fairly potent medicine. Rub it onto wounds and it should accelerate healing greatly."
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "..."
    • Karin: "I'm getting tired of seeing these same woods over and over."
    • Karin: "Let's get back to the city. That's where everything went down."
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • Marcoh: "I realized just now... There aren't many small critters around."
    • Marcoh: "Where are all the birds and such?"
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Before looting stash:
      • Levi: "Oh... This place... I entirely forgot about this!"
      • Levi: "When I was a kid, when I lived around here, I stashed some... erm... Well I hid some items here. Inside a fallen dead tree."
      • Levi: "I don't remember the exact spot, but it should be somewhere here..."
      • If repeated:
      • Levi: "I can't believe my stash was still left untouched..."
    • After looting stash :
      • Levi: "Hmmm... These woods... I feel like I'm forgetting something..."
  • If Marina is in the party:
    • Marina: "It's weird. I never remembered this place this foggy..."