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This page contains the locations in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the locations in Fear & Hunger, see Locations List F&H1.


This is a list of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina's in-game locations. So far, every location is part of the city of Prehevil or its outskirts.

Overworld map.
Name Location Note Encounter
Abandoned house In the Maiden Forest, north-west of the train
Bohemia National Museum North-west of the Temple District section.
Book store Central area of the Main Junction section, next to the Old hotel's entrance.
Church of Alll-mer South end of the Temple district/East of the Main Junction section.
Clothing Store East of the PRHVL Bop club, in the Shopping District.
D'ábel's island Reached through the far east of the Old Town's slum. The boat must be present to unlock this location.
Department store West of the Renka cafe, in the Shopping District.
Derelict house Found in Prehevil (Old Town), south of the Mayor's Manor.
The Dream (Workshop) Found in the intro sequence of the game. It can potentially be revisited.
Deep Woods South after the ruined streets from the west of Prehevil's city. Alternatively, it can also be possible to reach it by using the broken shack ritual circle and draw it with Vinushka 's sigil to unlock the shortcut.
Dr. Kefer's Tricks & Magic Next from the entrace of the department store in north-west area, Shopping District section.
Donnovan's house West area of the Temple District section, south-east of the museum/west of the Hollow Tower.
Foundations of Decay Reached through the far east door from the sewage treatment plant area, in the sewers. Requires the completion of the puzzle to access this location.
Golden Gates Reached through many Rher's dimension. Golden Gates skill required.
The Hollow Tower North end of the Temple District section.
Lake East from the train, or east from the Slums.
Maiden Forest Through west of the train/west of the Old Town.
Mausoleum Alley East of the Temple District section in Prehevil city, alternatively reached through the north of Church of Alll-mer. Requires the 3 effigies to access this location.
Mayor's Manor East of the Prehevil Old Town, east of the locked fence.
News Agency Directly south of the Orphanage, in the Western ruins.
Old hotel Central area of the Main Junction section, next to the Book store.
Old house Found in Prehevil (Old Town), south of the Mayor's Manor. Basement can also be accessed through a trapdoor in central Old Town.
Old storage West of the News Agency, accessible by traveling through its basement.
Outhouse Found in Prehevil (Old Town)
Prehevil (Inner City) Reached through north of Old Town. Alternatively, it can also be reached from the north of the Deep Woods or through the sewers connection by climbing out from the ladders. Requires the lion brass key and eagle brass key to open the gate to access this major location. Alternatively, it can also be unlocked by shooting the gate lock with a 12-gauge Trenchgun or by using the bolt cutters.
Prehevil (Old Town) Reached through the north of Maiden Forest or either from east of the train direction.
PRHVL Bop club West of the clothing store, in the Shopping street section.
Renka Cafe East of the department store, in the Shopping street section.
Restaurant Bílý Vůl West of the Main Junction section/North of the Old Town, in the staircase area.
Riverside East from the train.
Sewers Reached by either from many manholes found in the city of Prehevil, through the riverside next to the train location or through the Tunnel 5 or Tunnel 7. Sewer winch may be required to access those manholes, alternative it can also be possible to reach by using sewer keys for many sewer gates or either lockpick/small keys through the gated tunnels section.
Slums Located east of Prehevil (Old Town)'s center, and west of the Lake.
St. Domek's Orphanage Reached through the far north-west area in Shopping District section.
Sylvian's Square Found in the Back Alleys.
The Train Found in the intro sequence of the game.
Tunnel 1 Far west of the Deepest woods area, in Deep Woods.
Tunnel 4 Reached from below the depths of Foundation of Decay.
Tunnel 5 Reached from a hatch in the Old Town fishing village, or from the western junction of the Sewers.
Tunnel 6 Between the connection through Tunnel 7 to sewer section. Requires the Short circuit skill or the sewer keys to access this location.
Tunnel 7 West of the Maiden forest, alternatively can be reached through the sewer connection.
Two-story house Found in Prehevil (Old Town), south of the Mayor's Manor.
Waste disposal office Found in the north-west region of Prehevil (Inner City), south of the Orphanage gate.
White mold apartments Reached through the alleyway area, directly south from the shopping district section.
White Bunker Reached by climbing down the dug out hole in museum, from inside the mechanical gate. Requires the activation from other 3 Telelectroscopes around the Prevehil to open the gate.