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Taking board instructions is an Unused Book in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


Furniture moving without a reason, flickering lights, a television set turning on, all on its own. These are usually the first signs of a shadow presence or a spirit trying to contact you from the otherside.
There is no need to be scared about this. Spirits vary and there are as many types as there are personality types among the living. Some are kind, some are hostile.
You can confirm a spirit presence using the talking board. Asking a simple opening question like 'Is anyone out there?' or 'Can you hear me?' opens up a connection between you two.
If a spirit wants to communicate with you, you will get a very clear physical confirmation of this with the planchette (the heart-shaped indicator) moving on its own.
Spirits can only manifest before you when you are close enough to them. If a spirit is willing, it can lead you to it using the talking board as its means of communication.
Follow the spirit instructions bravely and perhaps you can learn a thing or two from our brothers and sisters from another plateau*.
*'Another plateau' meaning in this instance the otherside, the afterlife or the spirit realm.