Craftsman's notes

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Craftsman's notes is a letter in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.



  • Author: Craftsman of the Church of Alll-mer
  • Description: Notes left behind by the craftsman of the church.

James, it happened again. Those kids stole the tools for the umpteenth time! If I ever catch them in act, there's going to be hell to pay.

The priest told me that everyone under the ascended one share all possession. "Nothing is mine and nothing is yours. All is that of Alll-mer." What mumbo jumbo! That might work for the priest and all, but he's not the one doing these renovations under a strict schedule!

In future I'll hide the tool box. I got the perfect spot in mind already. When you enter the second hall, you know those statues? They are pointing, one to another. Just follow their lead. The last one points at the spot near the wall. I'll leave the box under the floor tiling there.

Also, just to make it more difficult for those thieving little rats, I decided it's best to close the underground passage to the renovation site. Father Domek took one of the key effigies to his orphanage, one was left for the priests here and I'll take the last one to my own apartment. So if you need to use the passage, let me know.