New poems of love and torment

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New Poems of love and torment is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina


  • Can be found on bookshelves around Prehevil.


  • Author: Ronn Chambara
  • Description: A perfect collection of love letters written by the storied hero Ronn Chambara.

The New Poems of Love and Torment - Written by Ronn Chambara

The book contains age-old writings of the famed poet Ronn Chambara. This book concentrates on the latter half of his lifetime and production.

Poem I - "The blackened heart"

Stakes are high, you are also and more so - Live your lie and play with my blood torso.

Who would believe all your tries - To blacken my name, dead crow as a prize.

They say that a tear, only dries - So I want to see the day, even Gro-goroth cries.

They will come know this day as the cruel age.

They will come know this page as the fourth phase.

Won't you die.