The truth under the moonlight

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The truth under the moonlight is an occult document found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on bookshelves around Prehevil.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: N/A

- The truth under the moonlight -

Who of us doesn't cover their true face and hide behind a persona? In the broad daylight we adopt a social role depending on the surrounding people. We put on a mask that works as the public image of our true personality. Do we hide our face to avoid the judgement of the people, or do we look down in shame as the sun watches our every move? A sun that knows our deepest longings and lustful thoughts.

Only in the darkness of the night does the true and vile nature of men get revealed. We share our decrepit bodies only to the select few under the moonlight. Despite what lowly thieves, covering in the shadows, would like you to think, the moonlight hides no one.