Telelectroscope and Logic

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Telelectroscope and Logic is an academic document in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found in the White Bunker, on a table in the briefing room


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A document giving you broad overview on Telelectroscope and Logic.

Telelectroscope - An interconnected, computerized system which documents our lives and extracts information from our consciousness. The data is abstracted from banks of every person in the whole human system.

Logic - Logic works as the center of Telelectroscope. A core in this world where all of our knowledge and inspiration come from and go to. A data tank which possess all knowledge and it provides people with said information as they need it.

The future of telelectroscope - People become obsessed with these fake 'friends' who exist in the walls. Ultimately people will begin to shun personal contact, preferring to interact with each other via machine technology. People will rather stay in the world created by our shared consciousness. The logic is designed so that each individual human in the system will affect the surrounding world. Thus creating a shared paradise. A shared consensus.