The Four Ages of History

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The Four Ages of History is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on bookshelves around Prehevil.


  • Description:' A brief history book about the different ages of modern chronology.

-The Four Ages of Modern History-

The modern age and modern chronology begins from the birth of our lord, the ascended one, Alll-mer. There are many fabricated religious text about Alll-mer, but there is enough evidence to prove that Alll-mer did indeed exist as a real person at the time. His birth would mark as the first age.

The second age started from the reign of the so-called New gods in the year 410. There are texts about different new gods prior to this event, and the concept did exist in ancient times as well, but this group of people included the famed warlord from the Eastern Sanctuaries, Nas'hrah the great. This alone made this group more distinguished compared to the ones that came before.

Their world order started a slow decline few hundred years after their deaths, only to be ended by "The fellowship" around year 800. The popular book 'The Fellowship' inspired the contemporary people of the time and lifted the four people of the fellowship - Francóis, Chambara, Nilvan and Valteil to a near god-like status.

Their age would last until the end of the 16th century. The western world was in a dark age at the time and out of nowhere appeared a new idol of worship, the god of Fear & Hunger. People forgot the teachings of the old in times of diseases and death and turned on to this new saviour. The appearance of the God of Fear & Hunger started the fourth age in which mankind had to learn to adapt and evolve. As times have progressed, we are still living according to this ideology.