Soldier's diary 1

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Soldier's diary 1 is a book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.



  • Author: Unnamed Bremen soldier
  • Description: A diary of a Bremen soldier that arrived to this area recently.

What backwater parts these dark corners of the earth really are! When I heard about this assignment, I figured the city of Prehevil was at least decent sized and there would surely be some entertainment to be had with the local dancers and street girls. But alas, I'm not too keen on getting that comfy with the locals after sightseeing the city a bit...

Frankly I'm baffled at how a city of this size has managed to stay so isolated from the neighbouring influences and modern times. The Prehevil folk still hold on tightly to religious rites as old as 'The Fellowship' itself. The human sacrifices creep me out in this day and age. Even if I've seen the horrors of war, the crucifixes set around the city manage to send a chill down my spine.