NLU Reconnaissance Report 1

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NLU Reconnaissance Report #1 is a document found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on Level 2 of Tunnel 1, in the room with the bench grinder.
  • Can be found on Level 3 of Tunnel 4.


  • Author: Unknown Bremen officer
  • Description: A brief report about a partisan organization called NLU - Nameless Liberty Underground. Distributed to all mid-level Bremen officers assigned to Bohemia.

NLU Reconnaissance Report #1

Quick bullet points of the reconnaissance:

- Nameless Liberty Underground

- The organizations roots date back to The First Great War

- Formed from a small groups participating in civil disobedience across different regions in Europa, Voroniya and Eastern Sanctuaries

- Became more organized with partisan fighters and professionals with experience in guerilla warfare.

- The organization formed under NLU name after The First Great War

- Loosely connected throughout Europa

- No centralized leader figure

- Spies in high ranking positions in the armies of Eastern Union, Bremen Empire and Allied force

- Recently has taken action in sabotaging both Allied forces Operation Bow and Arrow, as well as Eastern Unions Operation Logic

- Bohemian sect considered a threat to Operation Logic