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The Combat Manual is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on the bench near the entrance of the train.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A beginner's guide to survival and combat on the battlefield.

The manual depicts basics of survival in close-combat situations. The following teachings can be applied both on a battlefield and in your everyday life.

Lesson 1 - Strategic dismemberment

Take out different limbs of the enemy to best subdue their attacks. If the enemy is carrying a weapon, it might be best to deal with that first. Going straight for the head might seem tempting, but attacking such a small body part in the heat of battle might prove out to be difficult. Taking out legs might rock the balance of the enemy and make them vulnerable for head shots.

Lesson 2 - Rev up

As the fight goes on, you will get more rev'd up natural as you can see from your Rev-points increasing every turn. Use one or two points to boost your strength, or three to add [an] additional attack to your string. There are also different skills that might require rev points to be used. This is mentioned in the skill description.

Lesson 3 - Devastating attacks

Sometimes the enemy might be preparing for a devastating attack. These attacks cause massive damage or other status ailments that prove out to be insufferable. Most of the times these attacks are telegraphed in some way on the previous turn. You can either dodge them by guarding or you can face the Coin of Judgement. The Coin of Judgement is your last chance in dodging the attack. You can affect your chances of survival by throwing a Lucky coin into the mix by holding [SHIFT] key while you choose either Heads or Tails.

Ultimately your fate will be chosen by the higher powers.

Lesson 4 - Shooting

You can use various different firearms on the field, before even initiating a combat encounter, to weaken or to kill the enemy before they get to the striking distance. Just have a firearm equipped, some ammo to spare and press [SHIFT]. The effects of your attack vary from enemy to enemy. Weaker foes might even get killed from a single hit.

Lesson 5 - Running

Hold [SHIFT] to run. Running slowly depletes your stamina. If you run out of stamina entirely, you'll need a short recovery time to catch your breath before being able to run again. If an enemy spots you, you will go into Tension mode where stamina depletes at an alarming rate. This tense moment will luckily pass by fairly fast. If you have firearms equipped, you can't run. No running and gunning. If you have injured legs, no running either.

There is a lot more to survival, but hopefully these lessons will aid you to get started. Good luck.