Coded letter 2

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Coded letter #2 is a letter found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found in Tunnel 1 - Level 2, in the room with the bench grinder.


  • Author: NLU member known as "R"
  • Description: A letter with a coded message...

If read by Abella:

The letter is encrypted by someone from the Nameless Liberty Underground. It uses the same code language taught to you at the NLU headquarters. You take a closer look...

Eastern Union abandoned the compound like expected. They detonated explosives to cave-in the railway tracks to the compound. But Bremen and Kaiser will find their way inside.

We have to move now. This is our only window of opportunity. Our sources say Kaiser is already on his way to Prehevil. I'm not sure if the project is far enough, but we must hijack it asap.

Kaiser plans to launch the system himself, it looks like the only way to stop this is to do it before him. I know how to set it up, just mobilize whoever is in the area. We must act - now.


If read by another character:

Looks like a coded letter... Or a child's prank. Unfortunately you do not have the means to descrypt this at the moment...