Filthy Shack - Tunnel 5

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The Filthy Shack - Tunnel 5 is a location in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


The Filthy Shack - Tunnel 5 is located in the western area of Old Town - Slums.




Party Talk:
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • If recruited from White Mold Apartments:
      • Daan: "I'm pretty sure this hatch hasn't been used by the locals."
    • Else:
      • Daan: "What an unexpected sight. This hatch doesn't look like it belongs here."
      • Daan: "Might be worth checking out. Although first I want to check up on the locals outside..."
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "How curious. Another one of these. I wonder if there is a purpose to their placement..."
    • Abella: "Silly me, I mean of course there has to be. But what exactly?"
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • O'saa: "Hmmm... The tunnel network spreads wider than I imagined."
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: "We're not going down there, are we?"
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "A hatch... Prehevil sure is a place of many mysteries..."
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • Marcoh: "A hatch."
    • Marcoh: "..."
    • Marcoh: "Interesting..."
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Levi: "It might be safer underground...? Or what do you think?"
  • If Marina is in the party:
    • Marina: "I definitely didn't know this existed here..."
    • Marina: "It's weird. You'd think you'd know your own hometown after 18 years, but ever since we got here on that train I've discovered a new side of Prehevil."
    • Marina: "I don't particularly like that new side."