Filthy Shack - Lake

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The Filthy Shack - Lake is a location in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


The Filthy Shack - Lake is located at the Lake.



Party Talk:
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • Daan: "..."
    • Daan: "Can't save everyone I guess..."
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "It's horrible to listen this poor man gasping for air..."
    • Abella: "..."
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • O'saa: "Some men collapse under the moon's burning light..."
    • O'saa: "It really is a curious thing. The moon affects people in so many different ways."
    • O'saa: "I have yet to understand it all."
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: "Is that man... okay?"
      • If Daan is in the party:
        • Daan: "I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help him anymore."
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "..."
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • Marcoh: "Should we take this man somewhere else? Somewhere where we could help him?"
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Levi: "..."
    • Levi: "I'll guard the doorway... You know... Just in case."
  • If Marina is in the party:
    • Marina: "..."