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The Short Bow is a weapon in Fear & Hunger. A short compact bow. Requires 2 hands to use. If you have iron arrows, you can shoot with [SHIFT].


There are only 2 guaranteed ways to obtain this weapon, one is picking the bow and arrow option in Ragnvaldr intro, while needs you to recruit him and equiping the bow that he brings with him, as you only get several iron arrows and the fur armor once you kill him.

The other option is to try to get it in the weapon racks in the Basement, or by an small chance in the crates that are around the dungeon.


As stated before, this weapon is not particulary a strong choice for direct combat, but it can help you outside of combat in case you have atleast one arrow, with [SHIFT] (or your own custom keybind) if you shoot an enemy you will always destroy one of its arms (with some exceptions), if it has no arms left the arrow will not do nothing anymore.

There is not difference in between the regular short bow and the cursed short bow, so don't waste your soulstones if you think about buffing the damage it does in the overworld, instead use only 1 to unlock Marksmanship if possible.

If you have the skill Marksmanship, with only one arrow you can instantly kill any enemy without engaging direct combat.

Keep in mind that if you shoot the bow, the effective distance for the arrow is quite short, so you'll need to be relatively close to an enemy to succesfully hit it, but if you have Marksmanship the range is drastically longer and lets you to land the shoots more safely.

Enemies affected by iron arrow

Guard (arms, from left to right)

Jaggedjaw (no effects without Marksmanship)

Ghoul (arms, from left to right)

Maneba (tentacles, from left to right)

Guard (Ballista) (in this case only the legs and stinger will be targeted, from the left to right)

Dark Priest (arms, from left to right)

Lizardman (arms, from right to left)

Cavegnome (oneshoot no matter if Marksmanship is present)

Yellow mage (arms, from right to left)

Night Lurch (arms, from right to left)

Moonless (no effects without Marksmanship)

Cavedweller (arms, from left to right; if its the guard the it only targets the spear wielding arms)

Mumbler (arms, from left to right)

Greater mumbler (arms, from left to right)

Bloody man (same as ghoul)

Body Snatcher (arms, from left to right)

Lord of flies (arms, from left to right)

Uterus (arms, from left to right)

Embryo (oneshoot no matter if Marksmanship is present)

Scarab (not tested without marksmanship yet)

Black witch (arms, from left to right)

Gaunt Knight (arms, disarmed at the start of fight, from left to right)

Moonless Guard (same as regular guard)

Yellow lizardmage (arms, from right to left)


In combat it is supposed to consume iron arrows each time you shoot, it is not the case currently.(Bug)

In the current version the Elite guard isn't affected by the short bow, even with Marksmanship.(Bug)

Currently the marriage can only use Engarde if it has equipped the cursed short bow.(Bug)