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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Guest book

Unnamed guest book F&H1.png
  • Explanation: This book appears to have been written by one of the dungeon's guards before mutating into an abomination and losing their sanity.
  • Location: This book can be found after entering through the dungeon's main entrance.

There is a guest book one the table, someone has written passages here:
This nightmare has taken it's toll on me. I am devolving into a something far lesser than the man I once was.
All the high morals and ethics have no value here. The things I've done to survive...
There is no place for a little miscreant like me in the warmth of the sun anymore. I am a part of these dungeons now.
Part of this never-ending nightmare, just a one more cog in this machine of fear and hunger...
In a way I find it comforting. I have a definite place in this wicked world.
But I am writing this here as a warning for anyone who happens to step down to this darkness.
Do leave if it is still possible.

Random diary

  • Explanation: A book about a man who lost his family to the plague, he blames the old gods for their deaths.
  • Location: Can be found in the library on level 1 - Inner hall.

There is a random diary on the floor...
I curse the older gods. My wife has died because of their plague, my child has died because of their sins...
Next will be me. And I will die because of this macabre hellhole their built.

Valteil's diary

  • Explanation: A record written by the New God Valteil about his frustrations over his failed experiments and studies.
  • Location: This book can be found in the Grand Library.

There is something written here...
I am frustrated. Is there truly no solution? So frustrated. I think I'll go see my mannequins.

Missing children poster

  • Explanation: A poster about the recent mass disappearance of children in Rondon. It is implied that Pocketcat is the one responsible for it.
  • Location: It can be found in multiple locations before the Skin Granny fight during the dream sequence.

There is a poster here...
Missing children! Since the beginning of this year, already 13 children have been reported missing.
If you have any clues about the suspect of such heinous crimes, please let the city official know!
A concrete lead will warrant a hefty reward.

Nas'hrah's Underground Lab Notes

Nas'hrah's lab.png
  • Explanation: A bunch of notes about Nas'hrah's experiments in husk growth.
  • Location: Nas'hrah's underground laboratory in Ma'habre.

There is scientific notes written here...
The husk growth has been perfected to the point the process is simple enough for an infant to use.
I've created the perfect balance of the liquid and the black growth hormone to support the creation of the mock-life.
A mere addition of blood and the liquid can replicate the origin of the blood donator to striking accuracy.

Dungeon Nights

Miro's message

  • Explanation: A message left by the creator of Fear & Hunger talking about the Dungeon Nights mode.
  • Location: Found at the Fear and Hunger academy, outside of the player's classroom at a nearby board.

There is something written on the notice board...
The writing seems to have been written in a hurry.
My apologies for rushing the [Dungeon Nights] out in this update.
The mode was supposed to be a really small easter egg, but as I'm writing this note, the mode seems to grow bigger and bigger every day...It's out of control is what I'm trying to say.
I haven't had enough time to test it out, nor did I ever really plan its mechanics so the [Dungeon Nights] was born in chaos pretty much.
I blame the discord channel for coming up with this!
P.S - Join the discord channel if you haven't yet!

Diary of a man with a broken leg

  • Explanation: A diary of a poor soul who broke their legs after falling from a high place in the dungeons.
  • Location: Somewhere within the Prisons.

I fell down.
My legs are busted.
Is this the way I die? Alone in a wet and pitch black dungeon that smells like blood and semen?