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This page contains the characters in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the characters in Fear & Hunger, see Characters List F&H1.


Fear and Hunger 2: Termina has a large cast of characters, both playable and non-playable. Playable characters may be added to the player's party; non-playable ones may provide services or lore.

Party members can each be recruited under specific circumstances. The player can have up to four party members at one time. Party members each have health, mind and hunger bars which need to be managed using the appropriate consumables.

Important: If your party is full when you meet a character during their recruitment opportunity, it could permanently lock you out of recruiting them. Party members can be dropped off at either the train or PRHVL Bop. You may have to enter the buildings multiple times in order for them to leave.

Unrecruited contestant party members will succumb to the moonscorch at specific dates and locations, turning them into hostile enemies. Note that all contestant party members will moonscorch on Day 3 Night, regardless of recruitment status.

Character Name Visual Representation Recruitment Date & Location
Daan overworld.png
Day 1 Evening: Can be recruited temporarily at the Lake, in the shack where the dying moonscorched man is. Will leave the party upon leaving the Slums.

Day 2: Can be recruited in the White mold apartments (in room 4, by the sulfur sigil).

Abella overworld.png
Day 1 Morning: Go to Tunnel 7. Won't appear if the player enters the Mayor's Manor.
O'saa overworld.png
Before Day 3 Night: Go to the lower floor of Tunnel 1. In dialogue, be insistent on helping him.
Olivia overworld.png
Day 2: Retrieve the wheelchair in front of Restaurant Bílý Vůl and bring it back to Olivia.

If Tanaka or Marcoh are still alive, they will try to do this for you on Day 2 Morning/Evening but will be interrupted by Pav.

Karin overworld.png
Day 2: Find Karin in front of the News Agency.

Day 2 Evening: If Levi became Weeping Scope, she will be in the Ruined streets hiding from him.

Marcoh overworld.png
Day 2 Morning: Save Marcoh from Pav in front of Restaurant Bílý Vůl. If Tanaka is dead, he can be recruited then.

Day 2 Night: Will become available even if Tanaka is still alive.

Levi overworld.png
Day 1: First, meet Levi in the villager's basement in Old Town. Then, find him in the basement of Restaurant Bílý Vůl, and give him Heroin. Failing to do so will cause Levi to flee.

Day 1 Night/Day 2 Morning: Save him from being killed by Caligura in the Ruined streets. Then, go to the Orphanage. This time, you won't need any Heroin.

Marina overworld.png
Day 1 Night if Henryk moonscorched: Go to the Mayor's Manor and recruit Marina. She will leave the party after six room changes.

Day 2 Morning: Will be found in the Book store, tell her you're going to the Church of Alll-mer and ask her to come, then go to the church. If you unlocked the southern door of the upstairs bedroom before Day 1 Night, she will move directly to the book store instead.

Day 2 Evening: If Levi became Weeping Scope and if freed from the Mayor's Manor, she will be in the Ruined streets hiding from him.

Villager (Sickle) overworld.png
Use Necromancy on a dead sickle villager or dead soldier.
Black Kalev
Black Kalev overworld.png
Draw a Rher sigil in the basement of the Woodsman's house.
Blood golem
Blood golem (Player2).png
Use Blood golem in a battle.

Non-playable characters that expand the lore of the world.

Character Name Visual Representation Role in the story
Tanaka overworld.png
Henryk overworld.png
Samarie overworld.png
August overworld.png
Pav overworld.png
Caligura overworld.png
Per'kele overworld.png
Servant of Rher
Reila overworld.png
Olivia's sister, member of NLU
Kaiser overworld.png
Leader of Bremen army
Pocketcat2 overworld.png
Servant of Rher
Needles overworld.png
Actively hunts contestants
Father Domek
Father Domek overworld.png
Marina's dad
Rancid the Sergal
Rancid the Sergal overworld.png
Privy to the ongoing events
The Heartless One
Heartless One overworld.png
New god, superboss
Man in Black
Man in Black overworld.png
Black Kalev's true identity
Jeeves overworld.png
Supernatural figure

NPCs that allow for the exchange of goods.

Character Name Visual Representation Location
Pocketcat2 overworld.png
Exchanges contestant heads for books.
The Radiating One
Radiating One overworld.png
Gives items in exchange for rust-colored pearls.
The Tainted One
Tainted One overworld.png
Gives soul shards in exchange for heads.
Dr. Kefer
Dr. Kefer overworld.png
Found in Dr. Kefer's Tricks & Magic. Deals in shillings.
Bandage Man
Bandage Man overworld.png
Found in Small Hut in Prehevil - Old Town. Only available day 2 or later. Deals in shillings.
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller overworld.png
For a shilling, she gives hints for where to find the Fellatio, Hunger, and Martyr effigies, as well as the three Telelectroscopes.

Character Name Visual Representation Role in the story
Wretched Being
Beggar overworld.png
Found in the Filthy Shack in the Slums. Gives Shield of the Four in exchange for Woodsman's head and Priest's head.
Woodsman overworld.png
For some reason, saves the player if they fall in the well.
Masked Person
Masked Person4.png
Found singing in the Deep Woods at night by the pillars.
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person overworld2.png
Found outside Pocketcat's room, after a secret door in Golden Gates.