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Below is a comprehensive timeline of events within the Fear & Hunger series, encompassing both ancient history and the four ages of modern history. Additionally, it delves into the origins of various countries and locations within the Fear & Hunger universe. This timeline is based on in-game lore and supplementary materials and official statements. It is important to note that events without a clear chronological order are excluded, and some events occurring in the same year lack sufficient information to establish their precise sequence, resulting in possible discrepancies in their ordering.


Ancient history

Unknown time in this period
  • Lizardmen roam as the dominating lifeform before humans come to exist.
  • Gro-goroth and Sylvian mate, spawning Vinushka, the God of nature.
  • Under Sylvian's orders, Vitruvia creates a reprography of mankind that would be the likeness of Sylvian herself.
    • Influenced by Sylvian, mankind falls into a craze of fleshly delights. As a synchronized mass, a sea of naked people in the middle of coitus pulsates and wastes away their days.
  • The Sulfur God loses relevance among common folk before human writing is developed.
  • The city of Ma'habre is created to worship the Old Gods.
    • The Old Gods populate Ma'habre with clay figurines of eternal functionality and appoint a king to govern the city.

3000 BA

  • Unknown individuals from Songhai Empire in Abyssonia carve in stone a meeting between an extraterrestrial Old God and the people of Songhai.

First age of history

  • Alll-mer is either killed by corrupt kings and sultans from Eastern Sanctuaries and ascends as a God or is designed by Vitruvia to be the ultimate human being after noticing imperfections in her previous designs.
    • Alll-mer leads his apostles in his plan to save humanity from the cruelty and tyranny of the kings and sultans. As an Ascended God, he kills these leaders and brings forth a New World Order, with himself as the center of worship.

Second age of history

5th century

  • A group of mortals ascend as New Gods and start the second age of history. Among them is Nas'hrah, a warlord from the Eastern Sanctuaries, who replaces Betel as New God of Enlightenment; he eventually leaves Ma'habre after creating a laboratory under the Temple of Torment.

8th century

Unknown time in this period
  • Nas'hrah, current sultan of Eastern Sanctuaries, leads multiple campaigns of expansion against the Kingdom of Edo, which remains independent.
    • Nas'hrah forms Yansa Aryuaban, a new country inside the borders of the Eastern Sanctuaries that had high-status war prisoners from Edo appointed as central figures and ordered to mimic the ways of Edo.
      • The warrior class Jizamurai emerges in Yansa Aryuaban.

Third age of history

9th century


11th century

  • A group of explorers from Oldegård makes contact with the island region of Vinland, for the first time in history.

12th century

Unknown time in this period
  • Nosramus' prolonged studies produce a new artificial life form after a black growth hormone is mixed with human blood; Nosramus kills the resultant lifeform in the same year as it serves no purpose.

14th century

  • A small fleet from Abyssonia ventures to Vinland.

16th century

Unknown time in this period
  • Rondon starts a holy campaign against the Eastern Sanctuaries. Trortur, a famed holy knight of Rondon, is captured during the conflict.
    • Five years later, Rondon occupies the Eastern Sanctuaries' capital city, Jettetiah. Trortur is freed after being subjected to countless tortures.
  • Oldegårdians revisit Vinland in search of resources and treasures, leading to the discovery of the Cube of the Depths artifact. It is brought back to Ragnvaldr's village, who also participated in the expedition.
Unknown time in this period
  • A deadly plague runs rampant in the Kingdom of Rondon. Common folk blames the Old Gods for the sickness, shifting further their beliefs to the New Gods.
  • Le'garde emerges as the leader of the Knights of the Midnight Sun. His image is eventually linked to the man of the prophecies.
    • D'arce defects from Rondon knighthood and is recruited by Le'garde.
  • Nilvan visits Le'garde in a dream to conceive a child with him.
  • The Knights of the Midnight Sun raid Ragnvaldr's village in search of the Cube of the Depths. Ulve, Hildr and Bjorn die in the attack.
    • Rondon attacks the Knights of the Midnight Sun. Survivor D'arce disbands and Le'garde is taken as a war criminal to the dungeons of fear and hunger with the Cube of the Depths.
  • By April, the madness in the dungeons of fear and hunger starts to grow. Captain Rudimer faces the adversities of the role, finding it impossible to maintain order among his troops.
    • Orders from high-ranking individuals grant access to the dungeons for Dark Priests, who start to practice their rituals on prisoners.
      • The madness in the dungeons of fear and hunger spreads even further. Captain Rudimer trades the Cube of the Depths with Cavedwellers for supplies, but eventually succumbs to the madness as well by August.
  • Ser Andérs, Ser Jaycob, Ser Sonya, Jona, Leyron of the Corso and Yuho of the Northern woods are killed during service in the dungeons.
  • A search party led by Crown Prince Buckman is sent by Rondon to the dungeons to rescue Rudimer. Iron Shakespeare is also sent to the dungeons and shortly after is taken by the blackness.
  • Ca'hara, D'arce, Enki and Ragnvaldr venture into the dungeons of fear and hunger in search of Le'garde, each with their own motivation.
  • A nameless girl, the daughter of Nilvan and Le'garde, is rescued from a cage in the dungeons.
  • Le'garde is apparently rescued from the Catacombs.
  • The Cube of the Depths is taken from the Cavdewellers and used to reach Ma'habre.
  • The Tormented One, Valteil, and Francóis are killed. The Fellowship loses its influence and relevance.
  • The God of the Depths is killed.
  • Le'garde reaches ascension and becomes a New God.
  • Nas'hrah, seeking to destroy the Fellowship himself, is torched by the traces of Gro-goroth lingering at the Gauntlet.
  • Enki survives the perils of the dungeons, apparently reaching enlightenment without ascending.
  • Ragnvaldr escapes the dungeons, likely in the company of Moonless.

Fourth age of history

  • The girl is taken to the Gauntlet and ascends as the God of Fear and Hunger, starting the fourth age of history and the Cruel Age.

17th century

  • A scholar from the Vatican City writes a description on Vinland.

18th century

Unknown time in this period
  • To counter rising threats of the witch and vampire hunts, the Vatican develops an otherworldly sword for the Penance knights.
  • The more barbaric rituals associated with Alll-mer, such as sacrifice through crucification, start to dwindle across Europa.

20th century

Unknown time in this period
  • Alll-mer's faith is consolidated over most of the world.
  • Prehevil's largest brothel located at Sylvian's square is closed down by the church, seeking to regulate the basic urges of the populace.
  • The First Great War takes place.
    • Voroniya stands in opposition to the Bremen Empire during the conflict, leading the Kaiser to destroy Pav's village.
    • Oldegård suffers greatly, with the northern capital having to rebuild its cities in the aftermath of the destruction.
  • The Great Debate of Prehevil is held in June at Grand Palace of Prehevil in Bohemia by two mourning sides of the First Great War.
  • Appointment of Kaiser as Bremen chancellor.
  • Olivia is diagnosed with a vascular myelopathy around her spinal cord that affects her blood flow, leading to her requiring a wheelchair to move.
  • Olivia and Reila enroll in a university in Bremen. Olivia chooses botanics, while Reila chooses studies of New Sciences.
    • Reila starts to work under a special scholarship in "Operation ein Geist" and has her first contact with NLU.
  • Levi is recruited as a child soldier by the Eastern Union to fight at the Second Great War.
  • Valland and Rondon conduct experiments involving a plutonium-based implosion-type weapon on a deserted island. The weapon's detonation obliterates the island and causes radiation poisoning of the local fauna.
  • Eihner Von Dutch and his daughter Elise apparently sacrifice themselves in a ritual in their manor to please the Old Gods.
  • A peace treaty is signed between the Bremen Empire and the Eastern Union, ending the Second Great War.
  • O'saa joins an expedition led by Hadil Azif to the dungeons of fear and hunger. The group scatters and O'saa enters the ruins alone, finding the burnt and mummified severed head of Nas'hrah.
  • Marcoh kills known mobster Riccardo Accardo in the Vatican City and decides to flee to Rondon.
  • Bremen forces are sent to Prehevil by the request of the Kaiser.
  • Karin writes the Kaiser critique in September.
  • A Festival of Termina takes place at Prehevil by the influence of Rher, the Moon God. The chosen contestants are the city's inhabitants.
  • A second Festival of Termina takes place shortly after the first. The chosen contestants are the soldiers from Bremen.
    • Jonni dies in Prehevil during the Festival.
  • The third Festival of Termina takes place. Chosen contestants arrive at the city on a Tuesday by train.