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The gentleman rises from the dinner table to confront you!
Gentleman rot.png

The gentleman rises from the dinner table to confront you!
Gentleman overworld.png
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Teratophobia
Physical description
Species Human (Moonscorched)
Spiritual Information
Soul Suffocated soul
Item drops
Search (Knife, Meatpie, Lucky coin, Linen vest and Lion brass key)
Steal (Meatpie+ and Vegetable pie+)
Battle Theme
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The Gentleman is the current mayor of Prehevil as well as a boss encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. If not dealt with properly, Henryk will turn into Gentleman due to Moonscorch on Day 1 Evening.


When the player arrives in the town, if Henryk is not saved on Day 1 morning, several townsfolk that seem to retain some sanity may inform them that a new mayor has just arrived despite there being no prior elections, which may seem suspicious considering that the train is also out of service. Henryk, after going insane and moonscorching in the Mayor's Manor, has seemingly taken the position as mayor without any opposition. He doesn't seem to want to be involved with the Festival of Termina at all, instead choosing to spend his time 'cooking' in the manor while attempting to talk about fine arts to the villagers, despite their lack of sanity.

The Gentleman tries his hardest to act formal and gentleman-like despite his size and appearance, although his impulsive and vulgar nature will often crack through, as he serves genitals to the player while pretending they are fine delicacies and will even kidnap Marina. As moonscorch forms take the form of the worst things the contestants see themselves as to an extreme degree, the Gentleman desperately wants to be seen as a refined artist like Henryk once did in the past, but he is even more impulsive and his self-esteem and ego is far more fragile than ever. He is the friendliest of the moonscorched contestants, as due to this ego he still seems to seek approval from others - making a great attempt to appear sophisticated by talking about fine dining, music and politics despite serving you genitalia on a plate and acting arrogant, pretentious and even somewhat perverted. However, if the player insults him, his disgusting food, or tries to point out his false act, his ego will immediately crack and he will become extremely angry and attempt to kill the player in a fit of rage.

Interestingly, while not being attacking the player for this, bringing up family at the dinner table will suddenly make the Gentleman very cold and stern, which might suggest that Henryk did not have a great relationship with his parents. He also has a strong dislike for the Bremen army (he will even attack the player if they are in support of them), although he doesn't want to get on the Kaiser's bad side and tells the player to be discreet when giving them a key to get past their blockade.


The Gentleman can be found in the dining room of the Mayor's Manor on Day 1 Evening if the player does not save Henryk on Day 1 Morning. He will also appear in this location on Day 3 morning if Henryk moves to the PRHVL Bop, cracks under pressure and poisons all of the contestants present on Day 2 Night.

Alternatively, on Day 3 Night, Henryk will moonscorch into the Gentleman.


When first met, Gentleman will invite the player to a candlelit dinner, and depending on the player's answers he will either attack them or hand them the Lion brass key.

Dinner dialogue:
Upon entering the dining room
  • Mayor: “Newcomer... newcomes... then the new goes... Just in time... For dinner. Sit down.”
    • Player: Sit down (Player sits down)
    • Player: “I don't have time for this.”
      • Mayor: “You better make time... I am the mayor now after all... The mayor is inviting you to a candle light dinner.”
        • Player: “I'm in a hurry to get to the city.”
          • Mayor: “No one goes to the city past me anymore... I hold the key...”
            • Player: “Maybe I can make time for a dinner...”
              • Mayor: “Good...” (Player sits down)
            • Player: “I need the key.”
              • Mayor: “That's too bad...” (Battle start)
        • Player: “Fine.” (Player sits down)
    • Player: Attack him
      • Mayor: “What... you shrimp!?” (Battle start)
    • Player: “...”
      • Mayor: “WHAT'S THE MATTER SHRIMP!? You don't feel honoured in my presence...? Is my invitation not good enough for your fancy ass?” (Battle start)

After sitting down

  • Mayor: “Newcomer... Isn't it peaceful here? I am glad to see you're not a complete looney yet, unlike those others... You saw those people didn't you? One can only wonder what happened to the folks around these parts... They've drifted far from humanity. Only thing they seem interested in is scavenging the scraps around the old town. How am I to have in-depth discussions with them? I want to talk about poetry, music... and culinary arts...”
    • Player: “What happened here?”
      • Mayor: “We are in the same boat here, my friend... I don't have the answers. I heard the Bremen military meddled with something... Some say the moonlight scorched this earth into something unrecognizable... And the town folk say... it's always been this way...” (Gentleman starts asking questions)
    • Player: “You don't seem so normal yourself either...”
      • Mayor: “What are you talking about!?”
        • Player: “"Nevermind, I mean no insult!”
          • Mayor: “... You make no sense.” (Gentleman starts asking questions)
          • If player is Levi
          • Mayor: “You don't come barging in to other folk's houses and call them weirdos. You seen yourself? What kind of adult man uses overalls?” (Gentleman starts asking questions)
          • If player is Marina
          • Mayor: “You don't come barging in to other folk's houses and call them weirdos. You seen yourself? You'd be fine, if it wasn't for that disgusting pierced piehole of yours.” (Gentleman starts asking questions)
        • Player: “Your antlers for starters...”
          • Mayor: “What exactly are you suggesting!? You come to my dinner table just to insult me!?” (Battle start)

Question 1

  • Mayor: “Newcomer... You haven't touched the food yet... These are rare delicacies you can only find in Prehevil... I've travelled from afar just to experience them... Pick these for example... Don't they look absolutely delicious... Use your imagination... Food can be as inspiring as the highest forms of painted art or the most complicated musical arrangements...”

Dinner Meatball.png

  • Mayor: “What comes to your mind when you look at these dangling beauties?”
    • Player: “Meatballs.”
      • Mayor: “Meatballs... Surely you have never visited Prehevil before. Such common courses are not dealt around these parts...”
    • Player: “Kidneys.”
      • Mayor: “I understand where you're coming from... But you don't need to look at them so literally...”
    • Player: “Embryos.”
      • Mayor: “The beginning and the end of life... I like your way of thinking...”
    • Player: “Cotton candy.”
      • Mayor: “They sure don't taste like cotton candy... I wonder if such salty treats are going to waste with the likes of you...”
    • Player: “Duality of the mind.”
      • Mayor: “Now you're just showing off... What the hell is that supposed to even mean? Are you even taking this seriously?”
    • Player: “They look disgusting!”
      • Mayor: “Do not insult the heritage of the Prehevil... This is their culture... Some words are better left unsaid.”

Question 2

  • Gentleman: “Let's see... Yes...

Dinner Snake.png

  • Mayor: “What about this little squirmy thing... What comes to your mind?”
    • Player: “Local sausage.”
      • Mayor: “In a way, yes... It requires extra-ordinary amounts of time to cook. However, boil it for too long and it will be too chewy...”
    • Player: “Snakes.”
      • Mayor: “Slithering on the ground... Yes... The deceiving one...”
    • Player: “Male genitalia.”
      • Mayor: “Such vulgar talk! On my dinner table!” (Battle start)
    • Player: “I dare not say...”
      • Mayor: “Oh... But I insist!” (Must choose another answer)
    • Player: “Your antlers.”
      • Mayor: “Now why the hell would you say something like that?!” (Battle start)
    • Player: “Get that thing off my face!”
      • Mayor: “I get a feeling you are not enjoying this dinner... But to refuse the delicacies... I spent all day making this special meal...” (Battle start)

Question 3

  • Mayor: “This one is my favourite...”

Dinner Mushroom.png

  • Mayor: “This peculiar fungus... What is the first thing that comes to your mind?”
    • Player: “Just an ordinary mushroom.”
      • Mayor: “There is nothing ordinary in my cookings! Goddammit! You are not even tasting the food! How can you insult the food without tasting it?!” (Battle start)
    • Player: “Nudity.”
      • Mayor: “The surface of the mushroom is as silky as the butt cheeks of a virgin, yes.”
    • Player: “Family.”
      • Mayor: “... We do not talk about family on this table...” The atmosphere on the table became very cold suddenly.
    • Player: “Rainy day.”
      • Mayor: “Mm... I can see that. You can still smell the damp forest floor...”
    • Player: “Coitus.”
      • Mayor: “What kind of dirty mind do you possess?”
    • Player: “I've had enough!”
      • Mayor: “You've had enough when I say so!” (Battle start)

Question 4

  • Mayor: “Hmm... I don't know about you... But I'm full. I thank you for the company. From what I understand... You are needed in the city... I do have the key, however... I have one last question...”
  • Mayor: “Do you support the Bremen army? Are you A Man O' Kaiser so to speak?”
    • Player: “I don't know what you are talking about.”
      • Mayor: “... You truly are a newcomer... Here... the key is yours...” (You get the Lion brass key!)
    • Player: “I support the Bremen army.”
      • Mayor: “... I'm afraid you are not the kind I was hoping for...” (Battle start)
    • Player: “I fight against the Bremen army.”
      • Mayor: “Ha ha... Yes... You have my support... Here... the key is yours...” (You get the Lion brass key!)

After having a dinner with the Gentleman, you can interact with him again to battle:

  • Mayor: “Newcomer... The other key is with the army I'm afraid... Please be discreet... I do not wish to start trouble with the Kaiser... Do not mention my part in this.”
    • Player: Attack him
      • Mayor: “So you've decided to play by their rules! This is how you repay my kindness!?” (Battle start)
    • Player: Leave


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 1400 70% 80% 100% 120% 120% 95% 70% None
Torso 750 (3000) None None
Torso (Rot) 500 (2000) None None
Right Arm 600 None None
Left Arm 600 None None
Right Leg 20 None None
Left Leg 20 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Fear & Hunger Mode

As the Gentleman, Henryk is an extremely formidable foe. He uses both of his utensils to inflict heavy damage. His fork deals 27-39 piercing damage and attacks twice with a high chance to cause infection and bleeding, but has lower than average accuracy. His knife has a near-guaranteed chance to cut off an arm while also dealing 29-43 damage, making it exceptionally dangerous without arm guards or other methods to stop amputation.

Great care must be put in how you fight the Gentleman, as he can quickly rack up damage and limb loss even on a party of two or more. The best strategy is taking out the torso as quickly as you can, but if you want to play it more safely, you should take out his knife arm first. Going for his head is not advised, as it has nearly double the health of his torso.

Stealing from the Gentleman will result in gaining a Meatpie+ and Vegetable Pie+, both improved versions of their more common counterparts that grant an attack buff and evasion buff respectively.

Marina cannot join the fight stating that she despises The Mayor, so it is recommended to not recruit her if planning to fight The Mayor.

Masoχ-S/M Mode




  • Gentleman: “There is no forgiving! You don't act this way on a candle light dinner!”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “I've insulted you. How can I apologize?”
      • Gentleman: “... You can start by bowing you head down to your knees and begging for forgiveness!”
        • Player: Bow down and ask for forgiveness
          • Gentleman: “Well I say...” The gentleman seems to be hesitating a little bit. (+Hesitation)
        • Player: “I don't think so.”
          • Gentleman: “That's what I thought.”
      • If repeated:
      • Gentleman: “You just keep apologizing and I keep giving you second chances, is that it? You had your chance, ungrateful and vulgar tyke!”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “I'll shove that fork down your throat!”
      • Gentleman: “Acting like a big mob boss, are we!? Don't make me laugh!”
        • Player: “Maybe I can fit that knife down there while at it...”
          • Gentleman: “... We got a tough guy here...” Despite his words, the gentleman seems a bit nervous. (+Defence drop)
        • Player: “Laugh? I will make you cry!”
          • Gentleman: “Huah hah... Sure thing pal. Maybe work on that intimidation game a bit?”
        • Player: “...”
      • If repeated:
      • Gentleman: “It's all lovely and all, but no one's going to take you seriously here.”
    • Player: “I'm sorry, can we just sit down and eat?”
      • Gentleman: “That train has passed already. We are way beyond that! You ungrateful and vulgar tyke! ” You are not able to convince him with your words.
    • Player: “I'm through with your games.”
      • Gentleman: “So you say, but these are not just my games... We are both just pawns in his game... But unlike you scoundrel, I'm playing the game by my own rules. I will savor these last moments... I will have a casserole made from you... Perhaps with the right wine... I will be able to wash away the bad taste you left.”
    • Player: Nevermind


“The gentleman is dead...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Failure “The body is too big. You can't get into the proper position to lay down your seed.”
Use Heart flower Failure “The body is too big. You can't get into the proper position to lay down your seed.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He is dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (Knife, Meatpie, Lucky coin, Linen vest and Lion brass key) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Failure “The body is too big for devouring.”
Harvest an organ Failure “The body is too big for harvesting any organs. You can't even reach the torso of the gentleman...”
Saw off his head (Gentleman's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • Due to a bug, throwing Glass shards at his head does not do anything, so the player should use Black smog or throw the shards directly at his arms.


In-game Footage

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